Due to specific intersection of winds, the area is rightfully known as sailing paradise. Thus, Golubac is the center of national sailing. Moreover, size of aquatorium, constant winds and the Danube width of 6.5 km enable the best conditions for river sailing in entire Europe. The Sailing Association of Serbia has opened here the Serbian Sailing Center. Within the Center, there are marina with a crane, gas station and outdoor grounds for beach volley and beach football. International and national championships have been organized in Golubac for last 15 years. The season starts in May and ends in September. Anyone who tried comes back every year.


A part of the Danube bank has been rearranged in beautiful beaches surrounded by almost wild nature so the pleasure will be complete.

Panoramic sightseeing

You can meet Golubac from the Danube! See the Fortress and surrounded settlements from a small ferry, enjoying the colors and odors of Golubac municipality.


Golubac is enlisted in European bicycling maps because EuroVelo 6 route passes through the municipality. Besides workout, you will enjoy in exceptional surroundings all the time. If you do not have a bicycle, it can be rented in our Info Center.


Walk “Health Paths” through the Brnjicka River gorge, Bosman–Sokolovac path or Golubac path. You can find many natural lookouts offering unique, unforgettable and exciting views. You will be charmed by clean air and pleasant odors.

Mountain climbing

Choose where you would like to mountaineer through Homoljske mountains. Numerous caves will only contribute to the pleasure.


In Golubac area, waters are teeming with fish. All fishing equipment can be readily rented – you should just pick a spot and relax.


Make an excursion to one of many traditional farms (salash) or rest for a while near some of the walking paths.

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